Gabriella White

Gabriella White BA Hons Dunelm, CL, MCIJ Linguist of English, French, Dutch, Flemish and German.
Qualified and accredited with over 10 years experience in the field.



GABRIELLA WHITE BA (HONS) DUNELM (FRENCH, GERMAN, LINGUISTICS, ART HISTORY) CL MCIJ is the founder and leading consultant of Interpreter’s Island. She is fluent in 5 European languages: ENGLISH (native), DUTCH (native: bilingual), GERMAN (fluent), FRENCH (fluent), FLEMISH (fluent). Gabriella White has worked with clients around the world in both the public and private sectors, including the following countries: France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Australia, Hawaii, USA and Japan. Her qualifications and experience combined make her a very valuable resource in the field of linguistics, language and international communications.

Born and raised in England, Gabriella is one of the UK’s top linguists and has led UK Government campaigns promoting the need to speak multiple languages. She has featured in national and international news campaigning for an increase in language learning following the decline of foreign language students in British secondary schools. Gabriella’s bilingual upbringing in English and Dutch meant she was always in tune with more than one language at a time. Passionate about foreign language, she added French, German and Flemish to her repertoire and graduated with honors in modern foreign languages at the University of Durham.


Gabriella also has a degree in linguistics with a focus on syntax, anthropological linguistics and phonetics. Her work in the linguistics field has included linguistic technology development for speech recognition systems as well as lexicon work for the Oxford English dictionary. Gabriella is familiar with the IPA International Phonetic Alphabet and enjoys working with clients on their pronunciation, giving her students comprehensive language training in speaking, reading and writing.

Live Life in Another Language

In 2009, Gabriella was appointed the title of Language Ambassador for the UK Government, working in and alongside the media to promote and campaign for an increase in foreign language learning in the government’s aim to combat the decline of foreign language learning in UK schools and businesses.

As a qualified and accredited and chartered linguist, Gabriella has exemplified the use and importance of foreign languages in the workplace across a range of industries, boasting 10 years of experience in international business, marketing, PR, international communications, and the media industry in several of countries. Her interpreting skills have been used in documentaries as well as international relations: Gabriella was the leading interpreter in EU discussions for the BAPTS project, (Boosting Advanced Public Transport Systems) in the cities of Eindhoven, Nantes, Lille, Liège, Bielefeld and Frankfurt.

Teaching and Foreign Culture Training

Gabriella has taught English in Europe in both public and private establishments and has been a language trainer for individuals and businesses across the world, including France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Japan. Some of Gabriella’s most recent clients have included the Gucci Group, Sasson Chevron, Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Ernst & Young, Barclays Corporate, Pro Credit and the U.S. Army.

Gabriella’s knowledge and experience of other languages and cultures gives her the distinct benefit of understanding the client’s original linguistic mindset in order to follow the right steps in learning the target language. Gabriella also teaches Dutch, French and German.  Language coaching with Interpreter’s Island is tailor-made to meet every client’s specific needs and objectives.


An avid writer and photographer, Gabriella is also prominent in the world of journalism. An accredited journalist and active member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, her publications can be found in papers such as the Western Daily, West Country Life, Gloucestershire Daily, Hampstead & Highgate Express (London), Liverpool Echo,, the USA’s Southern Arts Digest and has featured in the Tokyo Daily as one of the leading reporters regarding Japan’s 2011 nuclear plant protests following the country’s March 2011 tsunami. She has also written for charity organisation such as Parkinsons UK and Parkinsons USA.


Gabriella blogs for Multilingual Books in Seattle and translates their books into multiple languages. She also provides PR, branding and marketing support to the company, now ranked 5th in the world. Gabriella also films and broadcasts for their partner company Multilingual Travel and has worked on a range of documentaries and interviews in various languages.


In 2011, Gabriella launched The Culture Cave, an online cultural media hub including her features, podcasts and media broadcasts from around the world. Due to popular demand The Culture Cave has since been picked up and published by Amazon for the Kindle, where readers will soon be able to subscribe to her news and features.