“ Working with Gabriella White has literally changed the course of my company, Multilingual Books. Ms. White’s contribution to our website through her elegant writing and promotion work have been profound. Gabriella is a charming person who has the gift of gab and many loyal friends. Because of Ms White’s efforts thousands of new fans visit and interact with us frequently, so much so that we now receive over 1,000,000 visitors a year. Gabriella is a talented video maker as well, her first travel spot about a small town in England has been viewed many times and has an 100% feedback score! She has traveled as far as Japan to conduct an interesting interview and tour of an old sailing vessel  We look forward to including her films in our upcoming travel series. Accomplishments are great, yet what is most amazing about Gabriella is her drive to explore new and interesting places, interact with and understand people on a deep level, while devoting herself fully to projects. I thoroughly enjoy working with Gabriella White and highly recommend it for any company, individual or organization. “

Kenneth Tomkins, President, Founder & CEO of Multilingual Books, Seattle, USAMultilingual Books is an Internet Language Company operation and the world’s leading supplier of language and translation products and services.


“A freelance journalist for the Weardale Gazette and Magazine over the period of seven years, Gabriella has also stood in for me as Editor at Weardale Gazette and Publishing on occasions, with impressive results. She is very popular with the general public and people react to her likeable personality.   In her journalism, Gabriella specialises in reporting cultural, arts-related events and international affairs, producing compelling stories on the people involved. Gabriella has honed her skills over the years and is a very effective interviewer and researcher. She has produced some unsullied articles over the years, reporting events involving German, Dutch, French and Japanese nationals and has been able to speak to them in their own languages, ensuring more accurate reports in the world of journalism. Moreover, Gabriella has a remarkable aptitude for foreign languages: her fluency in Dutch, French, Flemish and German and her ability to rapidly switch from one language to the next amazes those she works with. She also has the enviable ability to communicate with people on all levels. Gabriella is therefore an essential cog in today’s wheel of global communication and I cannot recommend her highly enough. “

Anita Atkinson JP, Deputy Lieutenant to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain & Editor of the Weardale Gazette, UK


– in English –

“Gabriella graduated from Durham University in Linguistics, French, German and Art History. Having an international musician as a father and a mother from Holland, Gabriella’s upbringing was rich in culture: we can see why her personality is international and she is a highly intelligent woman.

I have known Gabriella since she was a student at Durham university. I used to work at the library of Teikyo University of Japan in Durham. Both the students of Teikyo and Durham often met in the library and developed friendships with an exchange of language and culture.
 Every year Gabrella kindly invited the Teikyo students on excursions and to her home. She is very kind and helpful with their English; Gabriella gave them an opportunity to get to know English culture and British life outside of University life. Every time we do any kind of cultural event, she is always there to support us. “
Mikiko Davies,  Japanese Language Trainer & Cultural Adviser

– in Japanese –

デービス美貴子  日本語・日本文化アドバイサー