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Who can benefit from Interpreter’s Island corporate services?



The Japanese language is very different to English, but these linguistic differences become most apparent when it comes to pronunciation. Japanese speakers of English often find pronunciation the hardest part of mastering the English language. This then has a domino effect on other things such as confidence, a real set-back of language progress and communication. 

 Interpreter’s Island Linguistic Coaching will allow you to:

  • Spend time with a native British speaker
  • Work closely with a linguistics expert and speech coach
  • Identify which specific areas of pronunciation you need to improve on
  • Receive practical linguistic tips to eliminate errors when speaking
  • Use techniques that will stop you from repeating the same errors in the future: this is done by focusing on the brain’s linguistic parameters (each person’s linguistic ‘settings’ differ)
  • International phonetic alphabet training, a tool which will allow you to logically master pronunciation of almost any language, not just English
  • Train your brain to think about pronunciation in a new way
  • Perfect your English intonation
  • Receive confidence mentoring from a multilingual speaker of foreign languages: a person who has been there, done it and has had to overcome the barriers of language acquisition and speech confidence time and time again.
  • Learn about altering your voice projection in a variety of situations



  • Communicate clearly and effectively with confidence.
  • Speak articulately with diction and clarity.
  • Apply your newly perfected English accent in the real world and wow yourself with the results.
  • Do better in the corporate world
  • Your newly improved skill-set will open doors in international careers
  • Make international contacts and develop rapports with them
  • Enjoy utilising a life-long skill for years to come

Interpreter’s Island will initially provide you with a linguistic diagnosis of your ‘speech symptoms’ before mapping out a practical action plan on how to tackle your pronunciation glitches. Interpreter’s Island will also provide you with regular progress reports so you can monitor your development.

Gabriella White is knowledgeable in syntax, phonology and language acquisition, the key elements of linguistics. Her fast-track, practical approach to pronunciation has helped Japanese students of English overcome their pronunciation challenges. Gabriella has worked closely alongside language students of Teikyo University of Japan for the past 4 years and has assisted them in presentation preparation and pronunciation techniques. She also helps Japanese learners of French, German and Dutch. Her own experience in acquiring foreign languages allows Gabriella to understand the challenges involved and how to tackle them head-on.

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