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We communicate all the time. The world time clock never stops. The markets never sleep. Just pause for a second to think about how businesses, governments and indeed anyone would be able to survive without communication as the globe spins on its axis: would society not cease as we know it?

Success in business, development and everyday life revolves around communication.  The world is becoming increasingly compact and the speed of cross-continental communication continues to develop at an accelerating pace.  The Internet, increased connectivity, accessibility and mobility have a large role to play and as a result, communication is at an all-time high. Globalisation leaves a necessity for improved international communication as today’s tough economy leaves competition higher than ever before.

Enterprises in it for the long-run must embrace such international communication with open arms if they are to survive, let alone thrive.  The bi-product of reaching out internationally is a positive one, for it allows individuals, groups, organisations and entire nations to learn from one another in order to progress.  It changes corporate, governmental and cultural thinking, bringing new concepts and ideas to light. The world of marketing and advertising is evolving rapidly as countries influence each other and PRs and marketers work on campaigns together: multicultural advertising is en vogue. Companies are merging more than ever. We live in changing times with one common denominator: none of it would be possible without language and international communication.


Perception, reach and opportunity

Communicating in the language of your foreign client can influence decisions in international relations, business, negotiations and indeed most lines of work. Studies have shown that foreign linguistic fluency can be directly correlated with the outcome of business decisions, new partnerships, coalitions and the overall success of a conversation. Cultural understanding is particularly essential for diplomacy across all sectors.

Most cultures in the world greatly appreciate the effort made being addressed in their own local language and in some cases it is the only way in which communication can take place at all.

Cultural understanding and adaptation go a long way in meetings, calls, conferences and documents. Then, how is your profile, brand, product, organisation or strategy perceived? Is communication monolingual? Is it reaching out to the world as much as it could be? Are you indeed understood? Client relations must flourish in order for you to thrive and that can only be done by understanding the nature of how to communicate locally for successful localisation.

Time and money are lost when entering a market without the expertise and understanding of how to communicate locally. Interpreter’s Island provides the solution to this though, through localisation along with the linguistic and cultural expertise required for your business or project to thrive globally. Foreign PR, for example, is a vital tool to get out into the global marketplace.  Language is therefore key and the way in which we use it is important.

Interpreter’s Island offers global communications, core linguistics services, marketing services, PR, language coaching and cultural training to businesses, organisations and individuals alike. Interpreter’s Island specialises in (but is not limited to):
English, Dutch, Flemish, French and German.

Interpreter’s Island tailors all of its services to meet the needs of its clients. Consultation is therefore flexible and bespoke to each individual project.  Interpreter’s Island also offers its clients mobility through both online and on-site consultations.

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