German in Japan


The German Commerce of Trade and Industry in Japan outlines some of the main areas of industry Germany and Japan collaborate and liaise on:

Pharmaceuticals, the automotive and chemical industries. In 2006, Germany-Japan bilateral trade equated to ¥36.7 billion. Major German Players that are active in the Japanese marketplace include  DHL, Lufthansa, Bosch and Siemens. For international activities such as product launches, effective communication between Japan and Germany is therefore essential.  Germany and Japan often converse for research and development purposes for the following industries: biotechnology, nano-technology as well as energy and robotics. The number of German technology companies setting up office in Japan is also on the increase.

Fact: Small-to-medium sized businesses in Japan have often lost out on opportunities to keep these communication gates open with Germany due to language barriers and therefore hesitancy to communicate and initiate steps. Improved communications will therefore allow Japan and Germany to maximise their industry potentials.

“The Germans sell in English, but they also buy in German” – Danish saying.

German is therefore a vital tool in international business communications and accuracy in their language is essential.

Gabriella White’s experience in business and education in Germany make her an invaluable resource when it comes to German, a language in which she has been fluent for most of her life. Gabriella has prepped and mentored bankers and business managers for corporate speeches and presentations in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial business district and commercial hub and has consulted for Marketing Directors of clients such as Agilent Technologies and GE Healthcare. Gabriella has also lived and worked in Austria. For a complete list of previous clients, click here. Gabriella’s proven success in the German marketplace and her almost native accent in the language has often resulted in clients assuming she is a native German, helping her solidify client relationships rapidly with great results.

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