French is spoken in over 43 countries in the world, with over 265 million speakers: after English, it is the most popular lingua franca and is used by many international groups and organisations, making it the second most powerful language in the world. French, along with English is the official language of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, European Community, International Labour Bureau, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) , Olympic Committee, International Red Cross, Interpol, Universal Postal Union and the Union of International Associations to name but a few.

French is in fact the only language in the world, aside from English, to cover all 5 continents. It is also the second most prevalent language on the Internet after English. French is also ofcourse an official language of Canada, the largest trading partner of the USA; Canada-USA trade is the largest two-way trade in the world. And French-speaking Africa represents an area larger than the USA itself. In terms of industry, French is a dominant language in fields such as fashion, pharmaceuticals, medicine, engineering, science, computer technology, transport, tourism and hospitality, diplomatic services, governments, international agencies, international trade.

France is the world’s leader in the production of luxury goods. More tourists visit France than any other country in the world. In terms of learning French, 45% of English vocabulary comes from French. Learners of the language are therefore simultaneously enhancing their English skills by learning this Latin-based language.

French is key in bilateral relations and has become a vital communications tool in the Asian marketplace.
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Gabriella White’s experience managing French clients around the world for clients such as GE Healthcare, Instron and Agilent Technologies has given her the proven ability to provide smooth client relations at top management level, delivering high quality marketing campaigns and effective strategies, winning key deals on behalf of her French counterparts in a multitude of Francophone countries. Gabriella White knows what makes the French market tick; her in-depth marketing knowledge, effective promotional techniques combined with her people-skills and fluency in French guarantees your projects a highly professional standard, always going that extra to mile to excel expectations.

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