French in Japan


In project number, France ranks second only to Britain as a target of corporate Japanese direct investment in the EU market. Relations between Japan and France take place in a wide variety of fields involving both government and private organisations, heightened ever since the reign of French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac in 1995. A well-known expert on Japan, Chirac paved the way for greater interaction and increased international trade between the two countries. In economic areas, France has, since 1992, been engaged in programs like “Le Japon c’est possible” to promote exports to and investments in Japan and to encourage mutual understanding. The program proved successful when France became the largest foreign investor in Japan.

And France is not only a key influence on Japanese culture, but the French language has even influenced the Japanese language in history: 10% of Japanese consists of European words borrowed from French, English and also Dutch.

Gabriella White’s experience managing French clients around the world for companies such as GE Healthcare, Instron and Agilent Technologies has given her the proven ability to provide smooth client relations at top management level, delivering high quality marketing campaigns and effective strategies, winning key deals on behalf of her French counterparts in a multitude of Francophone countries. Gabriella White knows what makes the French market tick; her in-depth marketing knowledge, effective promotional techniques combined with her people-skills and fluency in French guarantees your projects a highly professional standard, always going that extra to mile to excel expectations.

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