Dutch in Japan


Japanese-Dutch relations have remained strong ever since its Cultural Agreement was signed between the Netherlands and Japan in 1980: the year 2008 marked the 150th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, followed by its 400th anniversary of Trade relations between the two countries in 2009. Cultural exchanges exist between all countries across the European continent with key Japanese events taking place in cities such as Geneva, Antwerp and Paris.

International relations, visits and trade between Japan and Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands also remain strong.

Dutch is Gabriella White’s second native language; she is bilingual and has utilised the Dutch language in business from the start of her career, working with clients in the scientific and interpreting field and international government organisations, including the EU. Gabriella also acquired Flemish, a derivative language of Dutch, which has enabled her to manage marketing campaigns for the whole of Benelux, including clients in Antwerp, Belgium and Luxemburg.  Gabriella has also translated educational material into Dutch for global language multimedia leader Multilingual Books. For a complete list of clients, click here.  Gabriella’s native Dutch skills and precision in projects will allow you to propel your business forward rapidly and effectively.

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